My Video Alarm App
Wake to any video located locally on your iPhone or iPad. 

My Video Alarm enables you to wake to any video file saved locally to your device.  Have fun waking to a favorite recorded video of your children, spouse, special friend or great video….  You decide how naughty or nice you want to be.  You decide how creative and imaginative you want to be.   Simple and fun to use!

  • Wake to video files saved local to device or record new video via My Video Alarm app
  • Wake to audio files in iTunes Library or personal recorded audio files
  • Save multiple alarms
  • Alarm Settings
    • Name – personalize your alarm name, e.g. weekdays, weekend, etc.
    • Alarm Time – set alarm time
    • Snooze  - set snooze length (default 5 minutes)
    • Repeat – select days of week for alarm to repeat (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday….)
    • Wake to Video  - on/off
    • Wake to iTunes – on/off
    • Video – select video from local library (only videos shown), Application Library (previously recorded video via My Video Alarm App), or record new video.
    • Video Play Back – select number of times the video played, once, continuous play (repeat), or select number of times to repeat the video.
    • Audio – Select audio file from iTunes Music Library, Application Library (previously recorded audio files via My Video Alarm), or Record New Audio file.
    • Select Alert Sound – select audio for alert chime. 

When My Video Alarm runs in the foreground at the designated alarm time, the video or audio file will play.  Apple does not allow for one application to over-ride another.    Therefore if the My Video Alarm application is closed, in the background or the device screen is locked an alert will flash and the designated alert sound will chime at the alarm time.  Once the device is unlocked or the alert is selected the designated video or audio file will play.  My Video Alarm is deigned to operate with the fewest user touches.

  • Clock Settings
    • Dimmer – a dimmer bar is located at the top of the clock screen to adjust screen brightness. 
    • Clock Color
    • Show Seconds
    • Show Next Alarm
    • Show Today’s Date
    • Show Weekdays
Contact: to report technical issues, bugs, comments and/or suggestions.
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